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Whitening System For Two - Charcoal Edition

Whitening System For Two - Charcoal Edition

NuovaWhite′s Charcoal Edition Whitening System is an exclusive, easy-to-use teeth whitening system for two featuring blue LED light technology and dental-grade charcoal whitener.
  • System utilizes blue LED light technology for results comparable to in-office dental treatments.
  • Set includes two sets of trays, gel syringes, and LED light.
  • Featuring dental grade charcoal whitening gel.
  • Gels are made in USA.

What is this product?
This is the NUOVAWHITE™ ″TRUE″ 2 Person Whitening System Charcoal Edition. It′s an exclusive, easy-to-use teeth whitening system utilizing blue LED light technology and dental-grade charcoal whitener.

How does this system work?
The NUOVAWHITE™ whitening system harnesses the power of cutting edge Blue Light Emitting Diode (LED) waves in a unique system that is equivalent to an in-office treatment, without the pain, teeth sensitivity issues and high cost. A special dental grade teeth whitening gel formula is activated by the application of blue light emitting diode (LED).

Which items (and how many of each) are included in this set/system?

  • This system includes two sets of upper and lower custom mouth trays;
  • Two 10ML Dental Grade Charcoal Whitening Syringes, and a His and Her NUOVAWHITE™ BLUE LED Accelerator Teeth Whitening Light.

Are different sizes available or are these one size fits all?
These trays are one size fits all.

How much does this system/set weigh in total?
The set weighs approximately 8 oz.

Where is this product made?
NUOVAWHITE™ products are made in USA.

Does this system come with a carrying case of some sort?
The NUOVAWHITE™ System comes packaged in a NUOVAWHITE gift box.

How long do I have to use this full regime for best results?

  • There are two treatments of 15 minutes duration per treatment.
  • Repeat this procedure three times either on consecutive days or when convenient.

How often should I repeat the full treatment cycle if I want to maintain results?
To maintain results, you may repeat the full treatment once a month.

What are the key ingredients used in the whitening formula?
The key ingredient in the whitening gel is charcoal.

The goal of NUOVAWHITE is to deliver a vibrant new white Hollywood smile to every customer. With over a combined 30 years of experience in the oral care field, the NUOVA team dedicates themselves to providing the best teeth whitening formulations and cutting-edge LED Whitening Technology available on the market.

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