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Nova Shoulder Bag - Black
Ruby Kats

Nova Shoulder Bag - Black

Original: $300.00
Today's Deal: $29.00 - 90% Off
This assortment of handbags by Ruby Kats and Cri De Couer are bold, modern, and a favorite among A-listers and fashionistas across the globe! Choose from four on-trend styles.
  • Choose from the Nova Shoulder Bag, the Addison Satchel or the Haven Satchel by Ruby Kats, or the Bex Crossbody by Cri de Coeur.
  • All Ruby Kats styles are made of genuine leather with either 14K or 24K gold plated hardware (varies by style).
  • The Bex Crossbody by Cri de Couer is made of a vegan-friendly faux leather with 14K gold plated hardware.

What are the bag′s measurements?
The bag measures 5 ¾″ (W) x 13′′ (L) x 10′′ (H).

Are the straps adjustable or removable?
No, the straps are not adjustable or removable.

Describe bag′s hardware, type of metal, or if metal has any lead content.
The hardware is made of 14K gold-plated brass. The metal contains no lead.

What colors is the bag available in?
The bag is available in Brown.

Are there pockets in the bag? Where are they located?
Yes, this bag has 1 interior zipper pocket.

What is the fabric content of the inside lining?
The lining is made of cotton.

What is the material of the bag made from?
The bag is made of genuine leather.

Is the bag made domestically or was it imported?
The bag is imported.

Does the bag have any protective feet on the bottom?
No, there are no protective feet on the bottom.

How do I care for and clean my bag?
Wipe clean with a soft damp cloth as needed.

Ruby Kats accessories offer up bold, statement-making pieces that get noticed! This SoCal-based brand draws its inspiration from the environment and geometric shapes found in nature while using the highest-quality materials. Combining positive energy with a ″stand out from the crowd″ style, these pieces are a favorite of Hollywood A-listers and fashionistas everywhere.

Cri de Coeur is a luxury brand devoted to creating fashion-forward accessories that are earth friendly and ethically produced. The highest-quality vegan materials - made from recycled plastic, reclaimed wood, low VOC PU and more - are given new life through designs of incredible elegance and sophistication. The green movement has never looked more gorgeous!

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