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ULTRA Professional Makeup Artist Complete 11-Piece Kit - Silver
Blend Mineral

ULTRA Professional Makeup Artist Complete 11-Piece Kit - Silver

Original: $451.00
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Here are the most coveted tools of the trade for a flawless look - and the perfect device for keeping them in tip top shape! Choose from the 11 piece brush set or the brush cleaner & dryer.
  • Choose from either the Automatic Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer, or the 11 piece Ultra Professional Makeup Artist Brush Set.
  • The Cleaner and Dryer:
  • Features three adjustable speeds
  • Includes cleaning solution.
  • Powered by two AA batteries (not included).
  • One year warranty included.
  • The 11 piece Ultra Professional Makeup Artist Brush Set:
  • Includes beautiful travel case.
  • Features 11 specialty brushes.

What is this beauty set?
This is the 11 piece Ultra Professional Makeup Artist Brush Set, which includes a beautiful travel case.

What are the benefits of using this set?
These are Blend Mineral′s best-selling brushes. The set includes every tool you need for a luxurious makeup application.

What color are these brushes available in?
This set is available in Silver.

What are the measurements and weight of this set?

  • The bag measures 15″ L x 10″ W x 2″ D. The set includes:
  • Super Large Powder Brush (1.7″ W x 8.3″ H).
  • Oval Brush (1.3″ W x 6″ H).
  • Flat Top Brush (1.5″ W x 7.15″ H).
  • Foundation Brush (0. 9″ W x 7.2″ H).
  • Contour Brush (1″ W x 7.9″ H).
  • Blending Brush (0. 35″ W x 7.3″ H).
  • Angled Highlight Brush (0. 45″ W x 6.45″ H).
  • Eye Shadow Brush (0. 40″ W x 7″ H).
  • Concealer Brush (0. 30″ W x 7″ H).
  • Definer Brush (0.20″ W x 6.45″ H).
  • Pencil Brush (0. 11″ W x 6.60″ H ).

What materials are these items made of?

  • The bag is made of PU (polyurethane).
  • The brushes are made of Brass ferrule, Goat Hair and Pure Fiber Synthetic Hair.

How do I maintain and care for this set?

  • How to clean your brushes by hand:
  • 1. Place brushes in warm water.
  • 2. Apply a small amount of gentle shampoo to brushes and work into a light lather.
  • 3. Rinse brushes thoroughly under running water. You will notice that the water leaving the brush is tinted from protective coating.
  • 4. Continue rinsing until no color leaves the brush.
  • 5. Allow them to air-dry.

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