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PCH Digital Pulse Massager - Silver
PCH Life

PCH Digital Pulse Massager - Silver

Original: $400.00
Today's Deal: $45.00 - 89% Off
These pain relieving products by PCH Life deliver pain relief in powerful and affordable forms.
  • The Neck & Shoulder Pad can be used hot or cold to alleviate pain, stiffness, tension and more.
  • The Digital Massager eases tension and knots in the muscles promoting tension release.This pocket sized pain fighter features multiple settings and modes, a compact design, rechargeable internal lithium battery and 2 output channels.

What does the massager do?
The 16 different massage modes stimulate tense muscles by sending pulses throuhg the inclued electrode wires and adhesive pads.

How do the heating/cold therapy pads work?

  • You can put them in the freeze to dull areas affected with swelling and pain.
  • You can also steep in hot water to maintain heat for up to one hour.
  • One year warranty by manufacturer

PCH Life is a personal health and wellness product solution provider dedicated to meeting the growing demand for personalized, consumer self-care solutions with innovative, creative and cutting edge technology. PCH Life is proud to offer customized, science based, revolutionary product solutions. This innovative brand is the perfect choice for all your healthcare wants and needs!

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