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Chestnut - 21R-6
Hair Voyager

Chestnut - 21R-6

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These clip-in hair extension sets by Hair Voyager create extra length, volume and style easily, in an instant! Choose from either the seven piece human hair set or the synthetic half fall.
  • Non-invasive, no harm to natural hair (no tape, glue, thread, etc.).
  • Blend with your natural color, or pick a contrasting color for extra
  • Easy to apply in minutes!

How many ounces are there for each item?
Human Hair Set: 4.25 oz 2. Synthetic Hair Set: 6.00 oz

Does this gift set/kit include a carrying case/gift bag?
These products come in their own box.

Are these products manufactured domestically or are they imported?
These products are imported.

What are the use/application instructions for each product?
Human Hair Extensions:

  • Things you will need prior to getting started: clip-in extensions, a fine tooth comb, brush, hair clips, and hair spray.
  • 1. For larger wefts, begin at the back of the head
  • 2. Measure the length of your own hair (approx. the same length of extension strip), divide the section of your own hair in half, pinning the top half of it up on your head with a hair clip.
  • 3. Using your comb, tease the lower strip of your own hair at about an inch from the root. Now, spray the teased area with hairspray. This gives the clip something to ″grab″ onto.
  • 4. Open the ″hair extension clip″ by pressing down in the middle of the clip. Place the teeth of the clip against your scalp, at the root of the teased and sprayed selected area. Insert the teeth of the ″hair extension clip″ into the back combed area and when secure, ″click the hair extension clip″ into place by pressing down on either end of the clip.

What are instructions for the synthetic hair?

  • Synthetic Hair Extension Things you will need: same as above.
  • 1. Part your hair from ″ear to ear″ over the crown of your head and then pull your hair forward and secure with a hair clip.
  • 2. Open all clips on the synthetic hair extension (there should be 6-8 clips per extension, depending on length).
  • 3. Starting with the crown of your head, lightly tease the area where the clips will be attached to your ″own hair,″ preferably about an inch from your scalp. Lightly spray this area with hairspray after teasing. This gives the clips something to ″grab″ on to.
  • 4. To begin application of the extension, simply secure the center clip of the extension to the top of the crown of your head.
  • 5. Next, attach the hair extension clips to the area behind your ears, then the nape of your neck and lastly the sides of your head. Make sure the clip is ″secure″ to the scalp ″root″ hair, otherwise the extension will become loose and not hold.
  • 6. Remove hair clip from your own hair that has been holding the hair in place.

What are some of the benefits of using Hair Voyager extensions?

  • With the Human Hair extensions, you′ll enjoy:
  • 1. Easy/simple application
  • 2. Custom color extensions at affordable prices
  • 3. Double drawn thickness from root to the tip (same strand thickness from root to the tip of genuine Remy human hair)
  • 4. Non-invasive, no harm to natural hair (no tape, glue, thread, etc.)
  • 5. Many options for styles, colors and lengths (all methods of hair styling can be used: blow dry, cut, curl, flat iron, etc.) With the Synthetic Hair Extensions, you′ll enjoy:
  • 1. Ease of wear
  • 2. A natural look
  • 3. Great blending options for your own hair color
  • 4. Built in ″memory″ to retain style regardless of the weather or environment
  • 5. Odor free and will not ″absorb″ outside odors
  • 6. Custom design at an affordable price

Hair Voyager is about more than hair – the brand is a gateway to personal transformation, uniting women in their journey for elegance and beauty. Whether you want to try extensions for a few months while your natural hair grows out, or if you want to feel glamorous on a night out or a week-long vacation, the possibilities are endless and the choice is up to you!

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