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Contour and Highlight Palette

Contour and Highlight Palette

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Today′s hottest makeup trend – contouring and highlighting – is made easy with this palette from Arialwand, featuring long-wearing natural pigments for a fab flawless look!
  • This palette features six natural neutral contour and highlighting shades.
  • Long-wearing formula and blendable pigments for an all day flawless finish.
  • Made in the USA.

Which colors/color palettes are available? Please specify for each product (nail polish, blush, lipstick, etc.)
The Contour & Highlighting Sculpting (make-up) Palette Features six perfectly crafted, powder-based highlighting and contouring shades for sculpting and defining your facial features.

What are the key ingredients in these products?
These formulas feature long lasting, blendable pigments.

How many ounces are there of these products?
This kit has a net weight of 1.02oz/30g.

Does the kit include a carrying case of some sort? If so, please describe.
The six beautiful shades come in an attractive palette that protects the make-up when not using it.

Please describe any highlights or special properties of these products.
The perfectly crafted, powder-based shades are designed to make contouring and highlighting easy. The products are long wearing giving you that desired look that will last all day.

Created by women who love makeup and understand the value of daily preventative skincare, Arialwand is the only airbrush foundation that is infused with an anti-aging peptides serum.  The brand′s founders understand the need for daily skin care to avoid pre-mature aging. What better way to do this than to make your foundation work as real skin care? Arialwand formulas are water-based, which prevents clogging of pores and allows your skin to naturally breathe. Plus they′re blendable, allowing for a customized look. Your skin color and undertone are unique – you deserve the perfect coverage to match!

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